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Grawood Miniature Farm is situated in Carrick, Tasmania, Australia. Carrick is a quaint historical village 15 minutes from the Launceston Airport and 1 hour from the Devonport Wharf.

This is a hobby, therefore we will remain focused on our aim - breeding perfect miniatures.


  Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

The American Donkey and Mule Society

The American Donkey and Mule Soc- RA

Storm _Ridge
National Miniature Donkey Associati

Ass-pirin Acres Mini Donkeys USA

Sharic Stud

Hickory Hill

Donkey Society of Victoria

Chelsea owned and driven by Noeline Cassettari

Miniature Horses and Ponies

Silver Circle Miniatures

Daanmar miniature horse stud

Plumlane Miniature Stud

Glenrowan Miniature Horses

Owned and trained by Noeline Cassettari

Miniature Toy Cattle



The Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc.

Australian Miniature Hereford Cattle Association Inc.

Miniature Cattle Today USA

Small Beef Breeds for Home Production

Miniature Herefords

British White Cattle

Hamish    owned and  trained  by Jim  and Mary

Colleen Nott
Grawood Miniature Farm
P O Box 83, Carrick,
Tasmania, Australia, 7291

Phone: (03) 6393 6513 (Australia)
Phone: +61 (3) 6393 6513 (International)



"NEWS" line

The American Donkey and Mule Society Inc recognizes a regional Affiliate for Australia.
The contact person for the Australian Affiliate is Colleen Nott.

Colleen Nott

Phone: (03) 6393 6513 (Australia)
Phone: +61 (3) 6393 6513 (International)